Solid Applied Technologies

Solid Applied Technologies

40 Hutzot Hayotzer South Industrial Park 78170 Ashkelor Israël


Solid Applied Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic level meters for industrial customers. Our equipment provides non-contact continuous measurement of liquid and solid levels in storage and process applications. In addition, our products are deployed in open channel measurements where level gauging is converted into liquid flow.

Market focus:

-Wastewater applications - in the presence of challenging conditions such as foam, methane gas, vapors and non-homogenous substances.
-Petrochemical applications – vast experience in diesel oil and crude oil within storage tanks.
-Chemical applications – sensors with high resistance to aggressive and corrosive materials.

Other important SolidAT market segments are the food, beverage and water industries.


SolidAT offers two main product lines: Cost effective Mono-Micro line and high performance SmartScan line.

The Mono-Micro models are mono-block, 2-wire systems. The leading model is MonoScan with an exceptional range of 15 meters for its category. The MicroScan model is a 5 meter range product with an unbeatable price offering.

SmartScan models are 4-wire, two-part systems with a local sensor and remote control unit. SmartScan50 is the leading model extending a range of 12 meters and suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. SmartScan25 is our model for coping with applications requiring 40 meter range.

Solutions – wireless applications

SolidAT, together with its third party partners, offers complete solutions for a variety of applications. In particular, we are focused on wide area wireless solutions based on GSM communications. In these applications we have integrated the local level monitoring capability with SMS messaging for status reports and alert situations.


SolidAT operates a worldwide and professional distribution network consisting of more than 40 independent distributors and three regional offices. Our distribution network covers Europe including east Europe countries, Asia with a regional sales office in India, Asia Pacific with a regional sales office in China, North and South America and Africa. Our sales people offer exceptional 24 hour pre-sale and post-sale services.


Our marketing department proposes unique strategic alliances for industry players who prefer to offer their own brand name and a localized service. For these customers we offer a span of opportunities from soft-private labeling and all the way to key-part kits (SKD).

Production capabilities

SolidAT operates a 1000sqm manufacturing plant incorporating assembly lines, quality assurance facilities, warehouse and ultrasonic testing areas. Testing facilities consist of three 10-meter long ultrasonic shooting ranges, 25000 liter environmental testing tank, two pipe-linked 2500 liter tanks for dynamic testing, pressure testing container and more. Logistics and production are ERP based. Our facility is internationally approved by ISO 9001:2000, FM, ATEX and NEPSI.

Research and development

SolidAT R&D team embraces multi-disciplinary knowledge, talents and skills including analog and digital hardware, embedded and PC software, system and algorithm design, physics, standards and certifications. Our team implements SolidAT commitment to purse new features, improve quality and design next generations fulfilling long term customer needs.

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