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PCME is a worldwide organisation dedicated to the innovation, design, development and manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes.

With instruments monitoring over 10,000 emission sources in over 40 countries, PCME provide a comprehensive range of products, using a choice of technologies for bagfilter performance optimisation and regulatory emission measurement.

Measuring levels of emissions after highly efficient filtration equipment used in the Pharmaceutical, Lead and Non-ferrous, Chemical and Incineration industries (0.1-20 mg/m3)

Monitoring and controlling performance of Bagfilters, Electrostatic Precipitators and Cyclones across the Mineral, Metals, Food and Chemical industries (1-100 mg/m3)

Monitoring emissions from Power Generation and Combustion processes using Electrostatic Precipitators and Bagfilter control equipment (10-500 mg/m3)

Monitoring emissions from process Driers in Ceramic, Detergent, Cement, Food and Chemical Industries

Monitoring particulate flow in Pneumatic Transfer Systems

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From UK headquarters in St Ives near Cambridge, PCME support distribution and service partners in over 46 countries worldwide including the United States, parts of Latin America and South East Asia.

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