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Odotech offers a full range of services and technologies relating to odor. In the last ten years, Odotech has developed leading-edge commercial products, including a dynamic dilution olfactometer (ODILE), a sampling device (OdoFlux), atmospheric dispersion modeling software for odors and contaminants (POLAIR and TROPOS), as well as automated systems for the monitoring and management of site odors (OdoScan) using electronic noses (OdoWatch).

Sold on all continents, Odotech products are applied every day by users and consultants in many different industries (composting, waste storage/burial, waste water treatment, rendering, refinery, etc).

In choosing Odotech to handle your odor problems, you are choosing a team with recognized technical knowledge and the in-depth field experience that allows it complete control over odor measurement technologies, with the capacity to access a large pool of scientific resources. Odotech is a specialized environmental company, whose focus is the measurement and monitoring of odors, and prediction of their impacts. It provides consulting services, manufactures odor instrumentation and conducts considerable research and development.

Its advanced technology solutions include the latest-generation dynamic dilution olfactometer, odor dispersion modeling software and an automated odor monitoring and management network using electronic noses.

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