Kortmann Beton

Kortmann Beton

Holmers Kamp 6 48465 Schüttorf Allemagne

Concrete is a building material with a wide range of applications and is therefore indispensable for the creation of the modern world.

Kortmann Beton is experienced in dealing with this building material for more than 50 years and will help you with first-class advice, high quality awareness and excellent products.

Kortmann Beton produces in their factory in Schüttorf concrete elements and construction systems which satisfy even the highest expectations of industrial, municipal and private users.

Our range is extensive: it reaches from sewer systems and wastewater systems to street design, underground engineering, landscape gardening and landscaping. There are the most important building blocks available. Fast and reasonable. With our know-how we even manufacture special constructions according to your demands.

In the process the priorities changed: ecology is an important theme, water pollution control and environment are now the focus of attention. Optimal and individual solutions have to be made according to local conditions and official regulations. Kortmann Beton is experienced in this area and implies the theme of ecology even in its business culture.

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